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The first non carbon emitting, rapidly deployable, 
scalable, uniquely modular thermovoltaic 
power generation system for industrial use.

Establishing a new standard to Waste Heat Capture

Featuring mobility, flexibility and versatility, ATS has developed

a total solution for capturing wasted heat.

First of A Kind Industrialized Thermovoltaics At Scale
Clean Energy Generated From Any Source Of Waste Heat 
Truly Clean Green Energy - Environmentally Clean And Sustainable

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To continue to deliver exceptional quality, safety, and service, no matter what. We deliver this same passion for our clients today and always look for opportunities to go the extra mile to see those first-of-kind projects succeed.


Deliver a simple to integrate, cost competitive option to convert rejected, single-use industrial waste heat to recurring profit, in a deeply underserved and growing global market.

Have Questions?

We welcome enquiries about Advanced Thermovoltaics Systems, and will be happy to discuss your applications for waste heat capture, energy conversion and reducing your carbon footprint.

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